【Looking back】TOEIC 1st time Result


Hi. I'm Takumi.

The other day, I took my first TOEIC exam in Japan.


In conclusion, I will show you my 1st TOEIC score👇

I scored 695 points.

This score is not bad, but not good for me because I wanted to get more than 900 points.


I talked about this before. I wrote in this article (writen in Japanese)→「TOEICを受けます【人生の選択肢を増やす】」


I could not achieve my goal, so I will look back on what I've done.


TOEIC review〜 Listening 〜

As for listening, I wrote I would take care of points like below.

  • Reading aloud & Shadowing of Part3,4
  • Review each script 10 to 40 times until you can say them like audio
  • Speed up the listening audio to 1.2 to 1.5 times and aim to understand English at its original pace


I couldn't do well of 2nd point.

I just reviewed only 5 times. I should have spoke more.


TOEIC review〜 Reading 〜

Reading score was lower than Listening score.

I was surprised to this result because I thought my Reading score would be higher.


I wrote like below👇

  • Use teaching materials a lot when I have some difficult parts.
  • After taking mock tests, take the same test in 2 or 3 weeks.


I took a mock test only 1 time, so I should have taken again.

It took a lot of time to review a mock test.



I should have spent more time on review.

I was in a kind of panic, so I didn't look back very much.


More time on shadowing, reading.


teaching materials

I used these  materials👇



↑ I bought one, but I didn't use very much. Instead of this book, I used Abceed App very much.


↑ latest TOEIC past questions. this book had 2 mock tests. I practiced filling in a mark sheet.



I also used Abceed App.

With this app, we can take online TOEIC mock tests, study about English vocabulary.


We can study anytime, anywhere with this app.

I highly recommend this app.



At the end of this article, I will tell you what happened during my first TOEIC exam.

In the classroom, I bumped into my frined from elementary school.


His name is "Yuta"


Surprisingly, he was just behind me when taking the exam!

I was so happy to meet with him that we went to an Indian restaurant after the test.

he is on the back (he was very popular in school).


Talk with Yuta

It was very meaningful for me to Talk with Yuta.


Yuta is as old as me.

He was going to study in UK university on the month.


He is interested in living abroad.


He already went  to study abroad in Australia and worked as a apparel clerk in "UNIQLO".

I asked him how he got his job. I found that he walked around shops and submitted resume many times. I respect his ability of taking action.gray


He said "I got tired of living in Japan" .

This phrase of his has inspired me.


He made me realize we can decide our lives more freely.


I don't have anything I want to do.

So, I have been worried about what to do.


Thanks to him, I came to think more freely, and live reluxed more.


Following Yuta, I will make my life more exciting and more meaningful. 



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