【Traditional Philippines Restaurant】House of Lechon


I went to "House of Lechon" the other day.

I uploaded a movie like below.






In this article, I will tell you the details of the restaurant.


What is House of Lechon?

"House of Lechon" is a pupular restaurant which maily sells Lechon.

Lechon is a Filipino traditional dish and it is just a roasted pig.


In the restaurant, we can see some pigs like this↓

a whole pork

You may be feeling some kind of disgusting.


Don't worry.

we can order already cut down porks like below.

the menu of "House of Lechon"


What I ordered at House of Lechon

I went to the restaurant with my frineds.

we divided into groups of 4 , and ordered these menus↓

  • Lechon 1/2 kilo
  • Galic Rice
  • Mango Shake × 2
  • Halo Halo Shake
  • Total: 1,160 peso
garlic rice and lechel image

Lechon is on a pig face plate.


halo halo juice

this is halo halo shaker.





House of Lechon's Location


House of Lechon is located near "Ayala Center Cebu" which is Filipino large shopping mall.

So, it is easy to catch a taxi (In my case, it took just 3 minutes to catch without GrabApp).



There are some points to take care about "House of Lechon".

I will share the points.


Halo Halo Shaker

I wanted to try Halo Halo, so I just ordered.

However, The next day my Filipino friend told me about a store which sells better Halo Halo.


The store's name is "Coolers Delight".


If you want to try Halo Halo , I recommend you this store.


Pigshape Plate

It was so cute that I asked staffs is I could buy one.

In conclusion, they said we could not buy one.


According to them, we could buy one before, but cannot buy now.

I gave up bringing out to Japan...


Enjoy your lives in Philippines 🇵🇭



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